Telling Time

Telling time with watches
Telling time with clocks
Telling time with fossils
And the carbon in the rocks

Telling time to slow down
Telling time to wait
Telling time I’m right behind
But telling time too late

© 1983, 2007 Scott Burnett


Dan said...

And the rings of the fallen tree have stories to tell.

Scott said...

Thanks, Dan -- that's another good metaphor. Maybe I'll work it into the next verse...

Locust-Eater said...

Very Nice!

Scott said...

Thanks, Ben!

By the way, have you ever actually eaten a locust?

Locust-Eater said...

The children are scandalized that I ate ants when I was young, but I never ate a locust. Bet they are crunchy. Ants taste a little bit like pickles (it's the formic acid I am told). I feel sorry for them now. (I wouldn't feel sorry if I had been hungry).

Scott said...

Hilary once had an unfortunate culinary event with ants. It scarred her for life, and has probably contributed to her passion for veganism.